Three Rural Health Clinics in Texas Transition Toward Value-Based Care With CrossTx CCM

May 21, 2022

Lynn County Hospital District focus their care on Chronic Disease and Mental Health for their Medicare Beneficiaries with CMS Chronic Care Management and Behavioral Health Integration utilizing the CrossTx platform

TAHOKA, Texas, May 20, 2022 ( – A lifeline for rural residents in Lynn County, Texas, Lynn County Hospital District (LCHD) serves the region as a mission-critical hospital district covering nearly 900 square miles of the South Plains region in Texas. The hospital district’s health care providers deliver critical inpatient and outpatient care to residents across three communities totaling 6,000 people. With one 24-bed critical access hospital and three outpatient clinics, LCHD now offers Medicare beneficiaries and other patients proactive chronic disease management and care coordination through Chronic Care Management (CCM), an evidence-based method to improve patient health while growing Medicare reimbursements to the hospital district.

By selecting CrossTx, the nation’s leading value-based care platform, Lynn County Hospital District benefits from an integrated cloud-based platform that connects healthcare ecosystems, orchestrates care for patients, and ensures data-driven care coordination experiences for eligible beneficiaries are both personalized and proactive. The platform seamlessly delivers CMS Medicare care coordination programs, including:

  • Chronic Care Management
  • Behavioral Health Integration
  • Principal Care Management
  • Remote Physiological Monitoring
  • Transitional Care Management

Moving forward, Lynn County Health District care coordinators use the CrossTx platform to focus care interventions and guide patients on a path of personalized wellness. Benefits to the patients include improved health outcomes, reduced emergency room visits, less hospitalization, improved understanding of diagnoses, proactive care planning, and medicine reconciliation with medication adherence education.  

Chandra Donnell, CrossTx Vice President of Client Success, shared, “CrossTx and Lynn County Hospital District are confident about the many benefits care coordination programs (CCM, BHI, PCM, etc.) will bring to their patients and communities. Together they look forward to an increased strategic focus on the care of more complex patients.”

Meanwhile, the Hospital District benefits in multiple ways, including:

  • Improve patient outcomes backed by evidence supporting CMS-funded care coordination
  • Increase reimbursement from CMS
  • Lower incidence of emergency visits
  • Expand presence in community by connecting health with community services
  • Improve overall quality of services

Additionally, the Health District understands the importance of social determinants of health (SDoH) by selecting a platform that can rapidly connect vulnerable Medicare patients with community supports from transportation to food security. CrossTx uses a HIPAA-compliant, bi-directional portal to connect care coordinators with a care team of community-based resources, family members, and caregivers, thus creating an ecosystem of support for each patient and supporting the team-based approach to care. 

Melanie Richburg, CEO, is optimistic about initiating the CrossTx CCM program: “Chronic disease and mental health management programs focus our care interventions and guide our patients on a path of personalized wellness.  We look forward to empowering more patients to meet their treatment goals and optimize their health.”

About CCM: 

The Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) care coordination programs like Chronic Care Management (CCM) have been shown to improve the health outcomes for patients, support a team-based approach to care, reduce provider burnout, and are in alignment with transition to value-based care in the U.S. healthcare system. Streamlining chronic disease management for Medicare beneficiaries in care coordination programs does more than enable clinic efficiency and lower clinical costs. Studies have shown that CCM programs reduce ED visits, hospitalizations, and the use of skilled nursing facilities while optimizing primary provider relationships. 

About CrossTx:

CrossTx has developed a market-leading Chronic Care Management, closed-loop referral management, and care coordination platform to support the transition to value-based health care and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) overarching plans for full embrace of alternative payment models by 2030. A 100% cloud-based, secure and compliant referral network combines with care coordination and compliance features, ensuring eligible clinics successfully embrace the CMS Chronic Care Management program, which includes not only CCM but also Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), Principal Care Management (PCM), Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM) and other programs. CrossTx combines ongoing continuous innovation, deep CMS compliance expertise and care coordination best practices to help customers better care for patients, improve costs and drive quality outcomes for providers. Learn more at

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