Social Determinants of Health

Purpose Built

Deploy Whole Person Care Programs

Augmenting Health with Social Supports
Directors and Executives of Health care organizations from state and county health and human services departments to health systems and Medicaid -based managed care organizations (MCOs) seeking to deploy Whole Person Care programs connecting at risk community members with intelligently matched services in real time. 

Tracking gaps across the continuum of care across both clinical and community networks. Address health disparities while promoting health equity by ensuring at risk community members access the appropriate social determinant of health-based service from housing and nutrition to transportation and economic stability services.

Empower and improve

Care for at risk community members.

Improve Health Equity

Via population health outcomes.

Lower Costs of Care

by aligning health and human services with at risk community member needs. to reduce costs associated with emergency department visits and a range of other cost drivers.

Support Clinician Staff

With automation, standardization and greater alignment of the stakeholders.

More Great Features

National database of community service providers


Strategic pairing of at risk community member need with targeted interventions.

Client-specific SDoH networks implemented

Supported and optimized economically

Designer Suite

Covering a range of health, social, psycho-social needs assessments.

Flexible consent models

Support for 42 Part 2 and other compliance requirements

Leverage CrossTx to

Enable Whole-Person Care

Leverage CrossTx platform features and benefits to expeditiously and economically enable whole-person care with:


Secure & Complaint, Consent-driven rules


Tailored Data Collection


Provider data base

Housing, Transportation, Food Security, Aging Services, Community Services & much more


Longitudinal Care Plans


Targeted Client Matching

Works in Variety of Situations


CrossTx works with a variety of client to ensure the successful launch, management and optimization of SDoH care coordination networks including the following examples:

Rural Critical Access Hospital

Chronic Care Management platform for Medicare reimbursement expanded to include community supports for senior care, food security, housing and transportation support

Regional Care Coordination Organization

Closed-loop referral management network matches at risk members of the community with both specialized health and clinician services but also behavioral and mental health and social supports

School Districts

School district in heavily urbanized area set ups behavioral health network to support Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) to matching student clients with specialized behavioral health and social services needs including housing services for homeless youth.

Major faith-based health system

Referral network first set up for intelligent, automated matching of at risk patient to specialist need expands to include behavioral & mental health as well as social services providers in the community for closed loop referral management

County Health Agency

Enhance and extend electronic health record with CrossTx standard APIs for seamless delivery of whole person care services, tracked and reported on in real time, including housing & social welfare services

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