Nurse Entrepreneurs Leaving the Hospital & Embracing CrossTx CCM & Launching Lucrative Businesses Helping Clinics Drive Medicare Reimbursements

March 7, 2022

A profound shift has just occurred across the U.S. economy and within the healthcare sector.  With COVID-19 magnifying an already challenged profession, recent surveys indicate major changes in health care generally and nursing.

One recent survey by Cross Country Healthcare and Florida Atlantic University’s Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing suggests two-third of nurses are considering leaving the profession as the pandemic has been “just too much” for the ever growing numbers of healthcare professionals.

Moreover, other surveys suggest an overall low rating when it comes to career satisfaction.  In one survey only 32% of nurses that responded shared their satisfaction with the occupation. This compared to 52% that responded in the positive before the pandemic.   Ever mounting shortages of nurses and related health professionals keeps fueling the fire of burnout and discontent.

While undoubtedly new approaches to staffing and incentives could help, thousands of nurses are now leaving the traditional profession, yet they want to capitalize on their training, expertise and love of healthcare.

Enter the Nurse Entrepreneur

CrossTx’ s closed loop referral management and care coordination platform is used by nearly 100 hospitals and clinics across America.  Our conversations with nurses, the primary users of our Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) complaint system inform us they are moving into entrepreneurial pursuits in record numbers.

But why are they doing this?  We answer this question below and then announce the CrossTx pathway to nurse independence.

First and foremost, while becoming a nurse entrepreneur, or “nurseprenuer,” isn’t for everyone there are certainly exciting opportunities to capitalize on your nurse training, experience and competencies while liberating yourself from what can be the stifling, top-down world of healthcare.  Nurses turn to starting their own business for several reasons including:

·       Become your own boss, including control your own schedule

·       Expand your horizons in the healthcare field, while not doing the same old thing

·       Tap into and capitalize on serious demand for nurses’ expertise, capabilities, and ideas in the world of healthcare business

·       Opportunities to generate serious money

·       Avoid hospital and clinic burnout for good!

Becoming CCM Care Coordinators

Nurses are branching out, forming their own business and moving into the care coordination business to tap into CMS Chronic Care Management (CCM).  While only a fraction of total reimbursement has occurred in the American health care market (CCM), nurses are the number one talent and skill needed by clinics to capitalize on the Chronic Care Management program which includes several programs from CCM to Principal Care Management, Behavioral Health integration and Remote Physiological Monitoring.

Nurses are forming their own companies, signing up with CrossTx, and using the CCM cloud-based platform to power their CCM business.  Some nurses are signing up clients immediately given the huge demand for nurses to fulfill the role as care coordinator for Chronic Care Management (CCM).

The background, skills and experience make nurses a natural to launch and grow lucrative services ventures in less than a year’s time. Because the CrossTx platform brings a cloud-based, easy to access and use suite of CCM workflows, time tracking and reporting, the nurse-entrepreneur is now empowered to drive this very important Chronic Care Management program forward.

If you are a nurse seeking to launch your own CCM venture CrossTx has a program to help you get started today.   You will help your clients, patients and your bottom line.

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  1. Wendy Tate

    I I’m a registered nurse with 10 years clinical nursing experience and I’m interested in starting my own CCM business but not sure exactly where to begin. Any information you have would be great!


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