Nurse CEO partners with CrossTx to bring CCM to Local Tennessee Community

March 24, 2022

Geri Holden BSN, RN, is the founder and CEO of Local Nurse Solutions LLC (Mercy Chronic Care Management) located in the Middle Tennessee area. Geri has partnered with CrossTx, the nation’s leading CCM platform for nurses overseeing Care Coordination Programs from The Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) such as Chronic Care Management (CCM), Behavioral Health Integration (BHI), Principal Care Management (PCM) and other service lines. This partnership represents the launch of the new CrossTx Nurse Partnership Program.

Partnership Program

The CrossTx Nurse Partnership Program offers a simple path for nurses to capitalize on their passion, skills, and expertise by developing a robust, value-added, and profitable care coordination business serving local healthcare markets. As nurse trailblazers opt out of direct care and corporate settings to find meaningful ways to lead improvements in healthcare, this strategy supports nurses with a clear pathway to grow a viable business serving the thousands of eligible medical practices across America by leading and executing the implementation of long-overdue help for Medicare beneficiaries. “I believe that when medical and nursing professionals work together, we can fill the gaps for all the lives involved, not only for patients and caregivers but for the people providing care.” states Holden.

CMS developed Chronic Care Management (CCM) and other care coordination programs to improve patient outcomes and communication between practices, care givers, family members and patients. Registered Nurses like Geri Holden possess the clinical and care management skills to clearly understand the challenges that seniors with chronic health conditions face. “Nurses are the most trusted profession among this demographic, and we are uniquely qualified and positioned to effectively outreach and engage patients and develop important relationships that impact their engagement with providers. This leads to better self-management of chronic illness, lower costs, improved patient experiences, and a rewarding experience for the nurse and clinic.”

Local Physician Offices and Clinics

With a passion for partnering with local physicians and nurse practitioners, Geri’s new care coordination venture, powered by CrossTx, helps alleviate the staffing and training concerns troubling clinics. The fact that so few primary care practices (less than 11%) have implemented this revenue generating program demonstrates fundamental research capacity constraints.

“Providers also need support and solutions to the overwhelming challenges they face with their practices at capacity and staffing and reimbursement concerns.” –Geri Holden, RN.

Additionally, CrossTx has the experience of partnering with clinics across the nation in a way that fits with CMS’s quadruple aim—including work life improvements for those who deliver care. Nurses like Geri, utilizing the CrossTx software, can provide the structure and compliance to organize the office, implement, and run the care coordination programs and profit share in the process.

RN Opportunity

CrossTx enables nurses to start their own care coordination management business with courses and coaching with expertise developed since the initially CMMI grants devised CCM and other care coordination programs.  CrossTx lays the framework for successful clinics and nurses with all the rules, regulations, process and procedure documentation, workflows, billing reports, and time tracking to grow and scale revenues, while maintaining audit resistant measures.

The CrossTx Nursing Partnership Program offers:

  • Access to the CrossTx system for training & demonstration
  • Product training and onboarding
  • Co-marketing & business development to grow your business
  • Provisioned CrossTx environment in secure, HIPAA complaint web platform
  • Built in product support & client success liaison
  • Engineering support for integration with electronic health records or other practice management systems

CrossTx and Geri’s company, Mercy Chronic Care Management, have committed to help make sure Medicare beneficiaries get the support they need to better manage life with chronic disease. “We must take better care of everyone if we hope to solve the problem.” 

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Chandra Donnell
VP Client Success


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